Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2 month flare up

I have been under the weather recently, thought it was pneumonia, but just a cold I guess. I saw my Rheum. and had labs and a chest xray. The chest xray showed no infiltrates, so no pneumonia, or some type of atypical pneumonia, which is what I had been guessing all along. However, we need to go back to the beginning almost 2 months ago, I started a flare, used prednisone x 1 month with no relief, so finally just quit, didn't notice any diffence when I stopped, so it was a wise move. MD increased the Methotrexate to 20mg (8tabs weekly), Arava the same. (3 x week)
I thought the lungs were unrelated, but now I think I picked up a bug from a patient, and started an inflamatory cycle, increased pain and fatigue. My sed rate last week was 35, not really like it was back at the bigging of my RA, then >75 was common.
I am not sure how it will pan out, but restarted on systemic enzymes again, I also am going to try inulin for GI yeast control.

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