Thursday, January 20, 2011

Healthier living and flares

I recently went on a cruise and ate like a gourmet for almost 2 weeks, but got another flare up. Had pain in my hands and wrists that stayed, didn't go away upon awakening. I only waited a short time, then used the prednisone I carried for just such an emergency. I would think if I went on a junk food bender, that a flare would make sense, but in this case, I was eating more fruits and vegtables than I ever do. I had seafood every day, one day, 4 portions, and always, small portions. I cut the prednisone dose in half, but increased my methotrexate by one tab, this past week.I will try stopping the prednisone tommorrow.
In addition to eating healthier, I walked 3.3. miles a day, when the weather was nice, the recent snow storm was when I was heading home, we had 12- 18' seas, so no walking out on the deck that day.