Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow up

Its almost Thanksgiving, am back to normal as far as RA is concerned. I am still trying to take large doses of Omega 3, I like CoroMega, it has a good taste and 1gm per foilpac. I have been taking 4grams per day, plus Tuna or Sardines when able.
Pain is resonable lately, a few bad joint days, but normal for the disease. I started hiking up a local mountain trail a few days a week, 30 minutes up and the same on the way down.


  1. Hi David, have you considered the possibility of certain types of foods being agitators of the symptoms of RA? I read this book, "Food your Miracle Medicine," by Jean Carper and it discusses various ailments and suggests foods to eat and avoid.

    There was this one case study about a woman who was addicted to cheese which ended up being the reason for her arthritis. Her cheese abstinence resulted in full recovery. Just a thought.

  2. The last time I checked 70 % of humans are lactose intolerant and if our bodies are constantly treating these substances as foreign bodies which we continue to introduce into our system...the result can't be good.