Friday, June 18, 2010

What started this cycle?

Last night I couldn't sleep, was up and down after getting into bed. The pain in my Right arm was terrible, couldn't bend it, and I just can't usually sleep flat on my back. I took a hot shower, took a Percocet, and later took an extra 5mg Prednisone. Waking up, feel better, but the Right arm is still stiff and sore, maybe half the night time pain.
Why did this whole flare up cycle start? I still can't get my recent healthier diet changes out of my mind. I am doing goo, lost almost 10 pounds, and have not had a desert in a few weeks.
I mowed the lawn yesterday, it is self propelled, don't think this added to the problem. I am going to watch the USA world cup game this morning, otherwise, I am guessing this will be an easy day.

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