Sunday, November 21, 2010

Follow up

Its almost Thanksgiving, am back to normal as far as RA is concerned. I am still trying to take large doses of Omega 3, I like CoroMega, it has a good taste and 1gm per foilpac. I have been taking 4grams per day, plus Tuna or Sardines when able.
Pain is resonable lately, a few bad joint days, but normal for the disease. I started hiking up a local mountain trail a few days a week, 30 minutes up and the same on the way down.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pretty much resolved

It has been about 3 months since this recent flare occured, and I think I can say now, its all over. I haven't had any unusual pain in the past couple of weeks. I read about something this past week, called the Marshall Protocol (A curative medical treatment for chronic inflammatory disease. Based on the Marshall Pathogenesis.) This sounds great when you first read about it, but there is a fair amount of info also available to suggest its a scam. This article presents the best evidence:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Quit Prednisone for a week now

Well no ill effects so far, I hoped I wouldn't have to reduce the dosage by breaking tabs in half,and doing it over a few months. That is what happened the first time after taking prednisone for a few years daily.I am suprised,I feel pretty good again, the next step is reducing the Arava.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Reducing meds, less stress

Well, I have started cutting the prednisone dose in half this past week, and I still feel good. Haven't had any pain to speak of in a couple of weeks now. I will give it a few weeks, than stop the prednisone, next step is cutting back on the Arava.
I continue to work part time, and find less stress has been helpful to live a regular life. I could work full time, and the pay is good, but I seem to be enjoying this partial retirement.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dam meds work

Well, I have been on Prednisone twice a day, double dose of Methotrexate, and daily Arava for more than a month now, and things are back to normal.I haven't missed any work, and can function fine. To my self, I am using the RA as a reason to put off mowing the lawn. Will have to call the Rheumatologist soon, start planning a weaning process for the meds.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Recovery is slow

Well, I hate being back on daily doses of prednisone, but dam it, it does work. I have had a little over a week of taking all my meds daily now, and it has helped. Except I decided to only take prednisone once and not twice daily as per MD suggestion, thought I could function, but spent the last 24 hours hanging around, not able to walk without moderate to severe pain, took that second tab a few minutes ago, may need top keep that up for a bit.

Friday, June 18, 2010

What started this cycle?

Last night I couldn't sleep, was up and down after getting into bed. The pain in my Right arm was terrible, couldn't bend it, and I just can't usually sleep flat on my back. I took a hot shower, took a Percocet, and later took an extra 5mg Prednisone. Waking up, feel better, but the Right arm is still stiff and sore, maybe half the night time pain.
Why did this whole flare up cycle start? I still can't get my recent healthier diet changes out of my mind. I am doing goo, lost almost 10 pounds, and have not had a desert in a few weeks.
I mowed the lawn yesterday, it is self propelled, don't think this added to the problem. I am going to watch the USA world cup game this morning, otherwise, I am guessing this will be an easy day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Flare ups

I have been doing fairly well over the past few years, occasional problems, but manageable. Two weeks ago I started a flare up episode, either pain in a joint or an inflamation in my wrist and fingers. I have read that stress and diet changes can effect RA, but about 2 weeks ago I started eating healthier after getting my cholesterol results back. It was a weekend, so no calls to an MD, I just started myself back on Prednisone again and called my Rheumatologist on Monday. I also take Arava (Lefutomide) and Methotrexate.
Last year I reduced my work load, just work a few days a week as a visiting nurse. I am able to do that, and it has helped with stress.